Executive Search in Indonesia

Executive Search Indonesia

Executive Search Nusantara, was the first international executive search firm to establish a permanent presence in Indonesia. Opened in 1983 as a satellite office, our firm soon began to eclipse the operations in the neighboring countries just from the sheer potential of the Indonesian market. In 1991, our company was gazetted and became a fully operational legal entity in Indonesia.

We follow the printed Principles of Practice and Code of Ethics of the Association of Executive Search Firms (USA). And our clients can be assured of receiving the level and quality of service in Jakarta and around Indonesia that they are accustomed to in other world markets. All assignments are undertaken based on extensive, and exhaustive written contracts, which highlight all aspects of the operations and commercial terms. Fees are charged on a retainer basis, at international fee levels, and expenses are budgeted and charged to the client in accordance with actual expenditures.

Our coverage of the Indonesian market is currently focused on the islands of Java (primarily Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung), Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. We, of course, are familiar with all other cities in Indonesia, but do not emphasize operations in them. We have worked in many major industries in virtually all functions of senior and middle management and have been covering the Indonesian market since 1983. With virtually hundreds of ethnic groups from 27 provinces on 14,000 islands, with very diverse cultures and principles, we found it impossible to fully evaluate our candidates in the way we feel necessary for our clients. Since opening our Jakarta office, we have been able to evaluate our candidates and advise our clients at the level of quality expected of an international executive search firm.