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“Getting the right people to the job is the most important task of a manager,” wrote Peter F. Drucker. However, he also added that only 1/3 of the hiring decisions turned out to be right, 1/3 of the hiring decisions were mediocre and 1/3 were out-right wrong hires. The following statistics also backed Peter Drucker’s observations…

Executive WorkPlace International Logo40% of new hires (through traditional recruitment sources and methods) fail within 14 months of hiring (Career Track and HBR article).

The costs associated with replacing an employee can amount to 200% of the candidate’s annual salary (as estimated by Career Track).

Working together with you and your organization to attract the right people to your organization is the raison d’etre for our business. We have developed some very innovative methodology to source, search, select and screen the candidates so that you can concentrate on what you do best… that’s running your business. We can assist you to reduce the risks of hiring failures. We can help you to reduce your hiring costs by helping your recruitment team to make better hiring decisions.

Who do you REALLY need? Begin by asking what you want the person to be able to do. Conduct a skills inventory, write a job description, and set your expectations even before you see the first candidate.