Executive Search in Thailand

Executive Search Thailand

In the late-80’s, we operated in Thailand through a subsidiary company based in Bangkok. With the economic slowdown the early 90’s, the operation lost its viability, was downscaled and Thailand was then serviced from our other offices.

However, we are now back in the market, primarily assisting companies those wanting to upgrade their level of professionalism through talent acquisition in the overheated demand of the local market.

As in our other SE Asian operations, our Thailand operation is a specialty human resources consulting company, dedicated and committed to serve and fulfill clients’ needs.

Our Thailand operation draws on the support of our experienced research staff and consultants based in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, with 20 years of intimate experience in the Thai market.

We offer a personal touch to our confidential professional executive search services in throughout the country, just as we do in all of our other Southeast Asian markets.

Our Mission

We are a premier resource consulting and search firm that has a record of success through integrity, reliability, honesty, dedication and a commitment to the client to find the optimal human asset resource solution for their business.