Executive Search and Recruitment

Our systematic approach to executive search normally involves selecting target institutions and, within those targets, individuals identified as having the appropriate experience, education and personal characteristics to meet your requirement. This is done in a highly confidential manner. Our systematic executive search process saves a client’s top executives valuable time, which can be more productively spent fulfilling other corporate/institutional responsibilities. We prepare a comprehensive confidential report on each candidate, which covers the candidate’s working career, those personal aspects which are relevant to the position and our appraisal of how the candidate’s qualifications relate to this specific opportunity.
Based on many years of experience, the ESN Asia philosophy of executive selection is that what a person has done in the past is a very reliable indicator of what he or she is likely to do in the future, especially if supported by the appropriate levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). If an individual has been as effective performer, thinker or leader, that person
will likely bring the same qualities to the position under consideration. A compelling personality, for example, means little if it has not resulted in superior on-the-job performance.

Confidentiality: it is our general policy not to divulge our client’s identity without prior permission. Candidates will not be apprised of your identity until we have preliminarily confirmed their qualifications and potential interest. Our usual plan is to defer that until time of face-to-face interview.

Strategic Leadership Consulting

In addition to our standard services, our expertise and experience in corporate advisory services and human resource management is frequently sought by our clients. Through the course of our practice, we have extended the scope of our services in talent acquisition to include:

  • Organizational review and restructuring via function and structure alignment
  • Development of organizational performance measurement systems
  • Increased effectiveness by enhancing organization structure and performance
  • Improve and increase leadership skills in executive managers
  • Transformation and change leadership, with change management Intervention
  • Corporate governance advisory, board, executive, senior management facilitation for optimal results
  • Recruiting and retention strategies, training and development strategies, career and succession planning strategies
  • Performance measurement appraisal with compensation, reward, and pay for performance systems
  • Team leadership assessment, emotional intelligence competencies assessment
  • Human performance assessment tools to maximize existing talent and reduce turnover
  • Behavioral styles assessments
  • Personal interest, attitudes and values survey, leadership effectiveness survey
  • Competency-based position analysis