Our Guarantees

Pay on Success vs. Pay as You Go

When search fees are paid only upon successful placement of the candidate, this is called contingency recruiting. This is may be seem to be an appropriate working arrangement for situations where there is a single position and rapid fulfillment is a key priority. This also is assumed to be the lowest risk method of recruiting for the client. However the economics of contingency recruiters in more difficult markets cause them to work in ways contrary to the best interest of you, their client.

Retainer Fees and their Purpose

This is usually considered the most effective consulting relationship when recruiting for executive level positions or for positions with complex skill sets in highly competitive markets, where extensive industry research is required. In the highly competitive and developing markets of Southeast Asia, a retained recruiter should be providing you with a very valuable service.

Post-Completion Service

Having a guarantee or warranty is comforting. But what if your new key staff member leaves soon after hire, and the recruiter cannot fill the position. Or what if your recruiter approaches him again. Or, more, if the recruiter can’t find you the right candidates. How much does that cost you in lost revenue or higher expenses? It all happens, and worse.