Post-Completion Service

Follow-up: Lastly, within the first six months following your new manager’s starting date, we will initiate a detailed discussion with the successful candidate regarding your first weeks together. Your new leader knows that our conversation will take place with your knowledge and that it will be subsequently reviewed with you. We have found this discussion to be an excellent time to reinforce the correctness of the decision by both parties and to identify any misunderstandings or misconceptions that may have developed in the early weeks.

Periodically, during the next 12 months, we will speak with the successful candidate and you to assess the integration of the candidate with your organization.

Can you afford to not be careful? How much does it cost for a failed placement? To be specific, a candidate is recruited, starts the job and is not able to fulfill the requirements of the job so that he/she must be replaced?

We focus on recruiting for key positions. It is of the utmost important to complete each assignment successfully. This foundational concept is important from when the recruitment process starts. If the right candidates are not found, the final candidate will never be the correct one. So it takes time and care. The best candidates are usually not fund in the files. Searching files decreases the time to completion, but rarely matches the quality of searching for the right candidates for the shortlist. Paying for file searches is usually a waste of the client’s good money. If the quality is not in the process from the beginning, it will not be there for the resulting outcome.