Retainer Fees and their Purpose

In contrast to the process followed by contingency headhunters, our executive search methodology would normally encompass a far more in-depth and intensive procedure and post-completion service:

1. Initial Discussions/Organizational Assessment: Our first step always involves personal, in-depth discussions with our client’s key leaders. These sessions enable us to become knowledgeable about the position, its responsibilities, the experience and personal attributes of the successful candidate, and to understand the way in which the position relates to your strategic objectives.

2. Position Specification: We then draft a position description, describing our client, the nature of the opportunity, and the professional and personal qualifications required for the ideal candidate. These specifications assist us in discussing the opportunity with interested candidates and sources in a knowledgeable and motivating manner.

3. Search Strategy: The specification then drives development of the search strategy. We will review key elements of this with you as they are developed. During our initial discussion, we did begin to develop a list of target locations in which we might locate candidates.

4. We then identify prospective candidates through the full range of executive search techniques. This includes research in the form of directory and library science techniques. We access our International data base of names from prior assignments and make telephone sourcing inquiries among people from relevant institutions and with our own network of contacts.